• Give the gift of learning to a poor child

    Donations will sponsor school fees & meals for deprived children

  • Help poor old father live
    with Dignity
  • Gift a better
    world to a Poor Child
    Donations will be given to help children
    have meals and basic healthcare for poor children

Donate money

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Become a Member

Register and join in to help the families and for their living. Just fill in the simple form and details.

Donate For Life

After registration and becoming member, you just need to donate for a living and for well being of a family.

Return for Good Work

To appreciate and to motivate you, Earning point provide you with a token of thanks in form of money.

Donate to make a life better

We are Earning Point helping poor children fight their way out of poverty by educating them and helping them afford the necessities like food, clothing and shelter. We are not only supporting child education but also helping an old parents to live with dignity.

Your single penny can deliver drastic change in a society. Lets give them all the rights they deserve. By donating you will not only become a part of good deed but also get internal happiness which you cannot buy in market. You will not only let a child learn but also a father to live with dignity.

Also helping differently able people. This is all possible by your help. So donate and lets create a better world for these needy people.